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The best way to save time and remodel your kitchen in one week or less is to decide on what exactly you intend to change. Remodeling your kitchen is a huge task, especially if you intend to do a total makeover. If you have to order energy efficient appliances or make custom cabinetry, it will take more than a week to get those done. 

So, knowing what to change and planning a budget is the first thing to do. If you are not on a tight budget, you can make express orders of the appliances and furniture you need. Doing this hastens the remodeling process, and you may just finish up in less than a week. 

Top 6 Kitchen Remodeling Ideas That You Can Follow In 2022

Your kitchen space is another thing that determines the duration of your remodeling projects. So, a bigger kitchen will take more time compared to a smaller one. Therefore, you should consider the size of your kitchen when making your plans. 

If you can afford it, you can give out the job to kitchen remodeling companies near you. You only have to tell them what you want and give them a deadline, and the companies will do all the running around to make your kitchen ready in a week or less. 

However, you can also take up the task if you like a bit of a challenge. In fact, you can use this as a way to bond with a partner or friend. You can get an artisan at a little cost to do the ones you can’t fix. You can save on remodeling costs if you do this.

  1. Paint Your Kitchen 

Painting changes the outlook of everything, which is why it should be on your kitchen renovations plan. You can paint almost every surface to improve the look, and there are some special types of paint that you can use on backsplash tile. 

When you repaint your kitchen, it looks almost new immediately and makes it easy to spot other areas that need more work. You can paint the doors, windows, marble countertops, walls, farmhouse sink, gray cabinets, and even the ceiling of your kitchen as part of your remodeling. 

When choosing a paint color, you may want to pick bright ones as opposed to darker colors. While darker colors may be perfect for hiding stains and grease, bright colors will surely illuminate your kitchen. 

  1. Change Cabinet Doors and Handles 

If your kitchen shaker cabinets are old, creaky, and unusable, completely changing them is the best thing to do. You may have to order new ones before you start remodeling so that they can arrive on time. 

However, if your kitchen upper cabinets look old but still useable, you do not have to invest money in changing the whole set. Sometimes, all you need to do to make your cabinet look as good as new is to change the handles and repaint the doors. If you have spare cash, you can change both the doors and handles. 

  1. Invest in Better Lighting 

You may want to update the old light fittings when doing your kitchen remodeling. Replacing them with modern fittings will surely brighten your kitchen. You can add new fittings in darker places, and you will be surprised at how good your kitchen will look with the perfect task lighting. 

Also, the position of your kitchen window determines how it gets natural lighting. While you may not be able to change the location of your kitchen window, you may want to double-check the covering. Using thick or dark-colored curtains may be okay if you are bothered about privacy, but they block your kitchen from getting natural lighting. 

You can solve this by improving the lighting in the kitchen with extra bulbs or replacing your curtains with lighter-colored ones or blinds. 

  1. Don’t Forget Wallpapers 

Using wallpapers is one of the cheapest and easiest ways to change your kitchen appearance. If you do not want to paint the walls, you can just put wallpaper on them. One good thing about wallpapers is that they are easily replaceable, and unlike paint, you don’t need to spend too much time fixing them and allowing them to dry. 

You can as well paint some parts of the wall and add wallpapers to the others. 

  1. Change the Backsplash Wall 

Remodelingks cautions that the backsplash wall in the kitchen or the kitchen countertops easily gets dirty, and you may want to invest in an easy-to-clean wall. You can paint over the splashback wall, but because the wall accumulates so much dirt in single cooking, it may not be easy to clean. 

So, you may want to replace your kitchen’s tile backsplash wall with one that you can clean quicker. You may even invest in mirror backsplashes. It is easy to know when they are dirty, especially with oil splashes, and they are super easy to wipe. 

  1. Keep Your Appliances 

When remodeling your kitchen, you are most likely to want new appliances. Nevertheless, new appliances require ordering and fixing, which may take one to two weeks. You can reduce the duration by buying your appliances in a walk-in store. They are most likely to deliver earlier and install them almost immediately. 

However, buying new stainless steel appliances means spending a lot of money. So, if your appliances still work even though they are old, it may be best to keep them. You can hire a cleaning company to do a thorough cleaning of those appliances, and their new look might surprise you. 

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Concluding On The Best Kitchen Renovation Ideas

Kitchen remodeling can take anywhere from weeks to months, depending on how exotic you want it to be. Moreover, kitchen remodeling costs are high, especially if you have to buy new appliances. Therefore, the duration it takes to complete your kitchen remodel depends largely on what you want to change. 

Nevertheless, it is not impossible to remodel your kitchen in one week or less. We listed six ways to remodel your kitchen in this article. These suggestions are easy to carry out, less costly, and will help you get your remodeling done in one week. 

When remodeling your kitchen, you can outsource the whole task to a remodeling company. However, if you want to save on remodeling costs, you can do it yourself without spending a large chunk of your time and energy if you follow our suggestions.