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Best Home Remodeling Contractors Kansas City 

Luxury Kansas City Home Remodeling

If you are tired of the same old look and bland interior of your home, you have two options: sell the place or remodel it. However, buying a new house doesn’t necessarily get you what you want. On the contrary, remodeling is a custom solution catering to your dream home. Hence, to help you achieve this dream, we bring you the most advanced and detailed customized home remodeling Kansas City solutions. 

Kansas City Home Repair and Remodeling Services

As a top-rated home renovation company, we do not offer the bare minimum, and our clients love us for our variety and the extent of customization. Thus, if you choose RemodelingKS as your trusted partner, you will have access to professionals and quality materials that can bring your dream home ideas to life. 

Our Home Renovation Includes

  • Basement remodeling
  • Living room expansions
  • Ventilation improvement
  • Bathroom renovations
  • Adding structural support
  • Staircase remodeling
  • Re-roofing and roof repairs
  • Windows and lighting work
  • Painting and wall art
  • Greener projects
  • Partitioning projects
  • Interior design projects
  • Adding pools and other outdoor features

Home Remodeling to Convert Your House Into a Home

As one of the most reliable Kansas City home remodeling contractors, we aim to provide more than just a few tweaks to your place. We understand that remodeling is more than just a project; it’s what homeowners have dreamed of for many years. Hence, our experts offer compassion, care, experience, and professionalism. Here are a few things we prioritize while serving our customers.

  • Changing room layouts according to how you utilize the space
  • Adding light fixtures creatively to bring brightness, openness, and an uplifting ambiance to your home
  • Utilizing extra square footage to consume unused space
  • Updating old appliances with the highest quality necessities
  • Adding greenery to outdoor spaces for a healthier living
  • Providing detailed plans before starting the project for a better view of the final product
  • Getting the job done in a time-conscious manner
  • Providing multiple options and design ideas to broaden and amplify your initial idea
  • Full-time consultations and customer service to answer all your queries
  • Mobile home remodeling Kansas City

One-of-a-Kind Material Catalog for Your Unique Home Remodeling in Kansas City

Home remodeling is not something you do every weekend. To ensure you get your dream home built to last, we offer premium quality materials only. Thus, substandard is a word unknown to us, and our commitment to quality is consistent no matter how big or small the project may be. 

Here are a few of our picks:

  • ProVia Doors
  • Florida tiles
  • Cambria Quartz
  • Kichler Lights and faucets
  • Greenfield Cabinetry
  • Marvin Windows

Our Affordable Home Remodeling Kansas City Projects

Kansas City home remodeling is now easier with our simple yet efficient process. We ensure quality, style, and design without an overcomplicated procedure. Thus, here is an overview of how we get the job done.

Step 1: Consultations

Our consultation is a two-step process. Firstly, we offer phone consultations to discuss your needs and explain our expertise. Secondly, we will schedule an in-person meeting at your home, at your convenience, to analyze the workplace. This helps us give our recommendations, and you share your ideas, so we can create perfection!

Step 2: Designing

We focus on transparent and detailed communication, but that isn’t enough. Hence, to give you a better idea of what we have in store, we will provide digital drawings and paper models for your home remodeling plan. Our architects and project managers will always be available to help you understand our designs. Once you are on board, we move on to the next phase.

Step 3: Material Selection

It’s your project, and you are the boss. Thus, after approving the designs, we will discuss the available materials, and you will choose whatever you like best. From brand to color, everything is to your liking.

Step 4: Construction

When you have given the green signal on every last detail, our team will secure a building permit and start construction. However, you will be part of the process with multiple reports, progress feeds, and feedback. You will see your dream home come to life at every step.

Step 5: Touch Up

Once the contract is completed, we will still be available for any touch-ups or finishes you may find necessary later.

Kansas City Home Repair and Remodeling You Can Trust

Right from the start, we place you at the heart of your home addition project. Thus, we’ll arrange a quick phone meeting to discuss your project goals with one of our designers to get things started. Moreover, you’ll also talk about the timeline and budget while we ensure that RemodelingKS is a good fit for what you have in mind.

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