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Washington Commercial Remodeling Services 

Luxury Commercial Remodeling Washington County

If you are looking to transform your commercial property and want the best for your project, then look no further than RemodelingKS. With over 25 years of remodeling experience, our team is more than capable of giving you all that you need and more. From modest and simplistic tweaking to a complete overhaul, leave it all to us. We have been assisting with Washington commercial remodeling for decades, providing convenience, longevity, beauty, and value to each project we touch.

Our Commercial Remodeling Services

Commercial remodeling differs from residential remodeling, usually including expansion and structural changes. Also, remodeling of busy commercial areas needs maximum efficiency to avoid business losses. Hence, we provide Washington remodeling services that extend beyond any typical package. In short, our team can transform your commercial area into anything you desire!

Our Commercial Remodeling Includes

  • Structural renovation
  • Interior design changes
  • Installation of commercial equipment
  • Windows and skylights
  • Entertainment systems
  • Glass and mirror work
  • Roof repair
  • Corporate Kitchen remodeling
  • Office Restroom remodeling
  • ADA Upgrades
  • Exterior building painting
  • Preliminary structural checks
  • On-paper remodeling plans

Superior Commercial Remodeling — You Won’t Find Anywhere Else 

RemodelingKS has created a strong and connected circle of relevant experts to deliver only the best of the best service. We prioritize aesthetics and quality to provide a remodeling job that lasts for years. Additionally, we maintain one-to-one contact with the property owners to ensure they are in the loop throughout the remodeling process. So, trust us with our commercial remodeling Washington services as we deliver:

  • A team of veterans from the field, including builders, designers, contractors, architects, and more.
  • Endless personalization options leave you with a space custom fitted to your taste and business needs.
  • A time-efficient job with zero delays
  • High-quality materials from start to finish
  • A 3D model rendering so you can visualize what your final commercial space will look like
  • On paper plans with management assistance to guide you through the plans
  • One-to-one consultations with our experts for a better understanding of what is best for your project

Best Quality Materials from Start to Finish

Commercial remodeling is not a simple job, and it’s a one-time solution that should last a long time. Hence, we provide the best available materials to ensure quality and longevity alongside beauty.

These include:  

  • ProVia Doors
  • Florida Tiles
  • Marvin Windows
  • Greenfield Cabinetry
  • Cambria Quartz
  • Kohler Plumbing products
  • Kichler Lighting

Our Effortless Washington Commercial Remodeling Process 

Step 1: Consultations

First, we try to understand your needs with an initial phone consultation. The idea is to get a better picture of your taste, project goals, and business needs to ensure we can target all those in our designs. Later, we will schedule an in-person consultation at the site of interest and walk through your needs for each space. This allows our experts to analyze the area in light of what needs to be done and how they can pull it off. 

Step 2: Designing

Once we have what we need, we will start by creating a design that incorporates all your needs, is practical, can be finished in the given timeframe, and has the potential to last a lifetime. To help you understand our vision for your place, we will get you 3D computerized models of your space and paper drawings. Once you are satisfied, we move on to the next phase.

Step 3: Your Picks

You will meet with our selection coordinator to pick out the finer details for your space. For instance, choosing paints, fixtures, and cabinetries. You can also browse through the vast collection on our website.

Step 4: Construction

Once we have finalized everything, we will get permits from Washington County and start the building! We will walk you through the guaranteed construction process and get you in touch with our carpenter so you can communicate directly. We value your feedback, so feel free to let us know what you think about our work along the way. 

Step 5: Finishes

Once the construction is done, we will keep in touch to help you should you need further assistance, changes, or recommendations. We are one call away! 

Commercial Remodeling Washington County, Just What Your Commercial Space Needs

Do you need a commercial contractor you can rely on to complete the work correctly? Call RemodelingKS now! Since we have been remodeling commercial buildings in Washington for many decades, we can be of assistance. Call us right away to schedule your free phone consultation.

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