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Commercial Remodeling

Expertise and Dedication to Give Your Project the Care It’s Worth

Do you have a commercial property that needs a modest change or a complete overhaul? Remodeling KS can ensure your project will get the attention it deserves in the shortest possible time. With over 25 years of experience in remodeling, our team of experts can transform your property and give it the look you desire.

Commercial remodeling is a little different from residential remodeling. A homeowner may want to make minor changes to specific areas of their property, but commercial buildings may need expansion or structural changes. Therefore, it may be a little more cost-intensive and complex, depending on the state of the property.

We will do the preliminary structural checks and plan to start the work. You do not have to find a separate contractor to do this part; we have an entire team of commercial renovation contractors to take care of that. We will tailor our designs to match the purpose of the building, whether it is for office space, rental purposes, or sale. However, there are some things you need to keep in mind when remodeling commercial spaces.

Areas Served

RemodelingKS aims to design your commercial spaces with elegance.So if you have been dreaming about transforming your dream space into something that is inspired from modern ideas, then our commercial remodeling experts are happy to bring things to reality.

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Remodeling a commercial property is usually a cost-intensive process, made even more so by the level of work involved. Knowing the funding source is crucial before work begins. Landlords may be aware of what needs to be done. However, potential investors must prove they can finance the project.

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Certificate of Occupancy

Remodeling a commercial property requires the availability of a certificate of occupancy. The document details different building codes applicable to the property. Also, it shows what legal uses are allowed for the property.

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Health Codes

It’s not always easy to change the permitted use of commercial property. However, you must learn the health codes that apply if you succeed in changing its use. For instance, turning it into a restaurant requires vital changes to meet the health codes. You may need an expediter to show you how to meet all the requirements in this category.