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Bathroom Remodeling

Expertise and Dedication to Give Your Project the Care It’s Worth

Transform your bathroom into a personal sanctuary with Remodeling KS. Whether you’re looking for a complete transformation or a modest change, we’ve got you covered. Our licensed contractors with decades of experience work hard to maximize the available space and retain essential functions while providing a new look.

Have a unique idea but are unsure if it’ll work? Run it by our designers, who are experts in combining the best parts of each style. Our materials are top-quality, and we ensure we always exceed your expectations, but you don’t need to take our word for it. Check out our customer reviews and past projects to see the magic we create.

Areas Served

Our cusomters can find our best RemodelingKS bathroom remodeling contractors in the following cities. 

Wichita | Tampa | Kansas City | Richmond | Minnepolis

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Comfortable Bathtub Installation

The spa should not be the only place you can relax and destress; your bathroom should do much more for you. We install comfortable and luxurious bathtubs, so you can literally sit back and relax. You can choose between a standard bathtub, a standalone, jetted, or alcove option. Your comfort and satisfaction are always a priority.

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Modern Shower Models

Choose from our variety of modern shower options and change the look of your bathroom. Replace the old models with new shower pans, walk-ins, and surrounds for that new ambiance. You can install a shower seat and inlets, which are only a few ways to get a completely new bathroom.

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BATHROOM Quality Faucets and Fixtures

The faucets and fixtures in your bathroom can make or mar the entire look. We offer a range of sophisticated fixtures and faucets that make routines and grooming enjoyable and easy. We choose sophisticated pieces that will fit into the available space. In addition, we can change the lighting, not only for aesthetics but to make the room as well-lit as possible.

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Luxurious bATHROOM REMODEL Vanities

Part of the beauty of light fixtures is the vanity they overlook. That’s why we have a range of custom vanities in all styles and colors. We can install vanities that fit the room space to create storage and reduce clutter. We use only the best materials to ensure your vanity is comfortable, beautiful, and lasts many years.