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An exceptional bathroom design goes a long way in giving you a space to relax besides helping you with your daily needs. Unfortunately, these spaces are often small, and this feature makes usage challenging. But there are workarounds to fix this problem.

There are small bathroom ideas that you can implement to make the most out of that tinny storage space. These ideas entail tips and tricks you can do yourself; however, some will require remodeling contractors. Here are the ideas and the average small bathroom remodeling cost should you need professional input.

Think of Space-Saving Shelves

To begin with, you need shelves where you can store toiletries and other items like unused towels. These shelves come in sleek designs; you can install them above or below the sink. Doing so will help you utilize the space in these often-overlooked areas. The shelves will help you declutter, but it will help if you go for clear glass shelves if the bathroom still appears cluttered.

Brighten the Bathroom

Brightening is a small bathroom idea that can make it look bigger without spending much. You can brighten the bathroom with pocket doors, glass shower door enclosures, or specific paints and shower curtain. The paints you can use for this purpose include yellow, white, creme, or gray. You can do most of these, but complex solutions like installing good lighting require small bathroom remodel contractors.

Don’t Compromise on Decoration

Your small bathroom decoration can make or break its appearance. You can opt for tiles or wallpaper. For the tile option, there are peel-and-stick wall tiles that you can use without damaging the wall. These tiles are most suitable if you live in a rental and need a quick fix for your small bathroom. Alternatively, you can go for a wallpaper that allows you to stick it to half the wall or the whole of it from floor to ceiling. However, ensure that the wallpaper is neutral to give the bathroom an airy feel.

Use Mirrors to Make the Bathroom Look Bigger

A mirror can also give you a quick fix to a small bathroom problem. Bathroom mirrors brighten a small bathroom and make it appear larger. You can opt for a large mirror that covers the entire bathroom wall or hang a sizeable one. If you go for the former, it will be best to hire a professional to help you fix it. The reason is that you can find it challenging to measure and fix the mirror on the wall correctly.

Go for Shower Caddies

A shower niche caddy is a toiletry container you can hang on the wall. You can install these floating shelves to give you tiny space on the cabinet and utilize the entire room near your tub. You can get shower caddies in most DIY stores or make one yourself. However, ensure that you use a rustproof material to prevent damage from the moisture in the bathroom.  

Use Storage Baskets

Organizing your small bathroom also helps make it look large, and storage baskets do the trick. These baskets are well-designed and will help you organize your bathroom. So, instead of putting items like towels on the shelves, you will fold them and put them inside the basket. Furthermore, you can group items you frequently use with these baskets, making them easy to find. As a result, your bathroom will be organized, and neat, and appear large.

Install Appropriate Fixtures

Installing large items such as shelves and hooks will make the small bathroom feel cramped. Instead, installing fixtures such as a pedestal sink, tub or natural light that suit your bathroom’s scale will be best. In addition, you should also choose the right-sized vanity. Avoid bulky ones; instead, go for those with few pull-out cabinets. However, include the vanity only if necessary.

Consider Repositioning Your Shower

Since you have a small bathroom problem, it will help if you reposition your shower. You can move it to combine with the bath to save on space, and doing so will afford you both options while in the same position. However, ensure that you locate the bath where it won’t occupy much of the bathroom’s space. Hiring a contractor to help you with this small bathroom remodel work will be best.

Make Good Use of Wasted Space

You can utilize many spaces in a small bathroom to make it look bigger. For instance, you can use the back of your bathroom door to hang towels instead of installing a towel rack on the wall. Although overlooked by many, you can install multiple towel rails in this small space. Furthermore, you can install additional light wood cabinets shelves on top of the bathroom door. Doing so will give you more space to keep your items. You can also look for a decorative shelf with a towel rack. This pre-designed shelf helps you utilize floor space you won’t notice on custom-made shelves.

Use a Ladder to Create Vertical Wall Space

Using a decorative ladder is another ingenious way to make your bathroom look bigger without incurring bathroom remodel costs. You can hang items like towels and bathroom décor on the ladder’s steps. The beauty of a ladder is its ability to fit in tight spaces, which will leave more room in the bathroom. You can implement this small bathroom idea without needing a professional.

Remodel Your Small Bathroom

Your bathroom will need remodeling in some cases. This work requires contractors that are experienced in small bathroom remodeling. Such contractors can help you whether you want minor changes or complete remodeling. In addition, they can help you with most of the installations mentioned above if you aren’t handy. Small bathrooms remodels range from $12,000 to $18,000, depending on what you need to change. However, it will be best to contact the contractor you want to work with for a quotation.

Concluding About Small Bathroom Remodel Ideas 2022

A bathroom is an important place in your house; unfortunately, you might find it an inconveniently small room. If so, it would be best to use the information you have read in this article to remodel the tiny bathroom. Also, if you find it challenging, reach out to professionals who will help you get your dream bathroom and assist in the water damage restoration process.