Remodelling KS Privacy Policy 

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 Remodeling KS prioritizes online user privacy and is thus committed to protecting its online users’ privacy. Thus, we have created this privacy policy for users interested in knowing how we use their data. 

To ensure user privacy, all the data Remodelling KS collects through its website “”  is used only as described in our privacy policy. The user information we collect is also used only in the manner we describe in our privacy policy. For this privacy policy, the terms “,” “us,” “we,” and “our” all refer to Remodeling KS and its affiliates.

User Consent To Privacy Policy

A person accessing, browsing, or using the Remodeling KS website in some other way via any electronic device will be regarded as a “user.” For this privacy policy, the terms “you” and “your” refer to the user of the Remodeling KS site. The terms of this privacy policy are binding on all site users. 

By accessing the site, users automatically give the consent to collect and use their data as described in our privacy policy. Remodeling KS reserves the right to amend its privacy policy at any time.

The User Information We Collect 

Users who register on our website might get a prompt asking for their name, email address, and phone number. Other personal details might also be required to give users the best experience with our service. Remodeling KS also collects the email addresses of users who submit customer reviews. We also collect the email address of anyone who emails a comment or question to us. Other information we might collect includes your first and last name and zip code.

Remodeling KS might also collect anonymous technical data about its users’ browsing patterns. Some examples of such information include users’ browser versions and IP addresses. For more information, refer to our Cookies policy. 

Remodeling KS automatically collects the domain name through which you access the site. We may also note the link through which a user accesses the site if it is a link from another site.

When We Collect User Information 

We collect certain user information when users take certain actions on our site. Some of these actions include:

  • When the user registers on the site 
  • When the user subscribes to the site’s newsletter 
  • Whenever the user fills out a form on the site
  • When the user responds to or partakes in a survey
  • When using our live chat feature or otherwise inputting information on the site
  • Some other instances might prompt us to collect user information. For example, when users provide feedback on our services. Also, we collect and store the email of users who communicate with us via email.

How We Use User Information

Our site collects information and data essential to personalize user experience on the site. When you browse the site, register on the site, subscribe to our newsletter, participate in a survey, or take some other actions on the site, we may use your information in the following ways:

  • To identify users when they use the site
  • To provide you better user experience by personalizing and tailoring the type of content we deliver to suit your preferences 
  • To safely and quickly process users’ payments and other transactions, fulfill user purchases and inform users of their order status 
  • Make improvements to our site and offerings to serve you better
  • Inform users about important changes to our site, and provide information about special offers and services we think users might find useful
  • To improve our customer service to you in responding to your customer service queries and requests 
  • To send occasional and periodic emails about your purchase or other service or product
  • To follow up on user issues after phone, email, or live chat correspondence

How We Store and Protect User Information 

Remodeling KS protects its users’ information and sensitive data from unauthorized access. To ensure that your access to our site remains secure, our website goes through frequent malware scans. This ensures that there are no security breaches compromising users’ data. Moreover, your personal information is protected by secure network systems. 

Furthermore, our systems are also encrypted and require a password to be accessed. Thus, only a few people tasked with maintaining your data’s confidentiality can access your data. 

Users’ sensitive data are protected and managed with industry standards information security management systems. Sensitive user data like credit or debit card information is stored and protected with SSL encryption.

Several security measures are also put in place to guard users’ personal  information when they place orders or transact on the site. A gateway provider processes all transactions users make on our site. Thus, our servers do not store or process sensitive information relating to user transactions. 

Note, however, that no transaction over the internet is guaranteed to be completely secure. Remodeling KS can also not give any assurance about the adequacy of these security measures. Thus, Remodeling KS shall not be held liable for any damages resulting from non-compliance to this policy caused by a technical issue or security breach.

Our “Cookies” Policy

Our site collects aggregate information regarding your browsing behavior through “cookies.” When you visit our site, a small data file called a cookie transfers your device’s hard drive through your browser. These cookies help our site capture and “remember” information about your browser and browsing patterns. 

One of the things our cookies do is to track your previous or current activity on the site. This gives the site some insight into your preferences and needs, thus helping us to create a tailored experience and better services. Another use of cookies is to store and “remember” the items you put in your shopping cart. Cookies might also track the pages on our site you visit frequently and searches you make on the site. Some other uses of cookies on our site include collecting aggregate data about a user’s interaction with the site to provide an improved experience for each user and predicting user’s preferences to improve future visits to the site. 

Remodeling KS does not use cookies to retrieve information from your device. Also, you can change your computer’s cookies settings to suit your preferences. Thus, you can choose to receive an alert when a site sends a cookie or stop your browser from sending cookies altogether. Also, note that turning off cookies might result in a less efficient experience on the site. 

Another form of “tracking” a user might be subject to results from our “click-through URLs.” Users that subscribe to our newsletter may occasionally receive emails containing URLs that lead to a page on our website. When a user clicks on a URL, the link passes through our server before reaching the web page. Remodeling KS might collect this data to monitor subscriber response and interest in the email content. To avoid tracking via “click-through URLs,” do not click on the URLs you receive in emails from Remodeling KS.

Links to Third-Party Sites 

The web pages on the Remodeling KS site might contain links to external websites (“third-party websites”). We might provide these website links for your convenience and informational purposes. However, we cannot guarantee that these third-party websites adhere to the same privacy policy as Remodeling KS. Thus, Remodeling KS shall not be held responsible for the content of these third-party websites. Also, it should not be implied that Remodeling KS endorses the products or services offered by these third-party websites.

Children Online Privacy Protection Act 

 The Remodeling KS site is intended only for adult use. There are regulations in place to regulate the use of data collected from children under 13. This act lets parents control the collection, use, or disclosure of their children’s personal information online. The Remodeling KS site does not market and is not directed to persons under 13.

CAN-Spam Act 

The CAN-Spam Act stipulates guidelines to regulate the kinds of emails business owners send to individuals, whether solicited or not. This act stipulates some rules which commercial messages must comply with. These include:

  • No deceptive subject lines 
  • Email must include an opt-out button
  • The message must be identified as a solicitation or advertising 
  • No misleading information on the header
  • Must include the sender’s physical postal address

Remodeling KS collects your email for the following purposes:

  • To respond to user inquiries and other requests 
  • To process purchase orders and send updates to users regarding their orders
  • Send additional information regarding services and products, and continue to do so after their transaction is completed 

In compliance with the CAN-Spam Act, we do not send emails with misleading subject lines. We also find some reasonable ways to indicate that our emails are advertisements. Recipients will also find our physical address in the emails they receive from us. We also ensure that our third-party email marketing services comply with these regulations. All our emails also include an option for recipients to opt out of receiving our emails, and we ensure to honor their requests to unsubscribe promptly.

Contact Us

For further inquiries about our privacy policy or questions regarding it, please get in touch with Remodeling KS:

1614 N Sheridan St, Wichita, KS 67203, USA