RemodelingKS Terms of Service

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Welcome to the Remodeling KS website. The terms and conditions stated in this policy (user agreement) are to guide users while they are on the site. By using and accessing the site, you understand and agree to comply with the terms of use stated in this user agreement. This policy is in effect as of September 20, 2022.

Remodeling KS owns this website. Accessing the products and services and the information on the site also means that you understand and accept the terms allowable in our privacy policy. If you do not agree to the following terms, you do not have the right to access or use the contents of this site, including its services and equipment, by any means. 

Remodeling KS reserves the right to update and change parts of the terms stated in the user agreement without prior notice. The terms “,” “us,” “we,” and “our” refer to Remodeling KS and the company’s affiliates. For this user agreement also, the terms “you” and “your” refers to anyone who accesses the site (“user”).


Remodeling KS may modify the content of this agreement frequently. After each modification, the recent agreement version will be available on the site. You acknowledge that you must frequently review the user agreement and keep yourself updated on each new modification. The modifications to the user agreement will take effect immediately after it is posted. Your accessing and using the site after a modification constitutes acknowledging the changes. Continued use also constitutes your unconditional acceptance of the modified user agreement and the terms of our privacy policy. 


Remodeling KS prioritizes its users’ privacy. Thus, we drafted a standalone privacy policy. In it, we explained exactly how we collect, use, and secure our user’s data. Each access to our site is subject to our privacy policy

Remodeling KS reserves the right to use the data we receive from you only in the manner and for the purposes stated in our privacy policy. Please review our privacy policy here. 


Every part of this website, including every content herein, is the property of Remodeling KS or our content suppliers, and adequate proprietary rights duly protect them. Thus, any unauthorized publication, copying, redistribution, or use of the contents of this site is prohibited by law.


 “Remodeling KS” and its associated logo, graphics, and website name are the intellectual property of Remodeling KS and thus under the protection of the applicable laws guiding trademarks and copyright. The unauthorized use of these properties is prohibited and constitutes a breach of the user agreement.

Responsible Use and Conduct 

By your access to our site and all its resources and offerings (“resources”), you accept to use the resources only according to the intended purposes, as allowed in our terms of service and other guidelines about acceptable online behavior. By this, you understand and accept that: 

  • You may need to provide certain personal information to gain access to some or all of our resources. Such information might include your name, contact information, etc. Registration to the site or access to the resources on the site might require you to provide some of this information. You also agree that every piece of information you input on the site will be accurate and up-to-date. 
  • It is your duty to protect the confidentiality of your passwords and other login information you use on the site. Also, you take responsibility for every activity that is carried out with your account(s). 
  • Any attempts to reproduce, duplicate, or otherwise copy any part of the resources on the site is an infringement of this agreement. So are any attempts to
  •  Sell or trade the resources on the site. 
  • A user carrying out an unauthorized activity that results in losses, damages, and other direct or indirect consequences to Remodeling KS is solely responsible for the damage and might be subject to civil or criminal liability. 
  • User interference with the site’s resources, such as servers, is strictly prohibited. 
  • Attempts to access the resources on the site through means not provided by Remodeling KS are prohibited. You agree not to utilize any unethical or automated methods to access the resources on our site.


Our site has several open communication tools, such as blog post comments, forums, product reviews, ratings, etc. You understand that we are not likely to vet or monitor every content users post on these tools. Thus, you agree that you are ethically responsible for using these tools should you decide to use them to submit text, audio, or visual content to the site. You also agree to refrain from sharing any content that might be illegal, abusive, fraudulent, or derogatory. This includes inappropriate, racist, and sexist language or depictions. It also includes pictorial items like memes that convey messages of this nature. You also agree not to engage in copyright, trademark infringement, or unsolicited advertising. You also agree not to attempt to impersonate other persons, including the staff of Remodeling KS. 

Failure to observe these regulations will be regarded as a breach of the agreement. Thus, it is within our rights to unpublish and remove comments that we deem to have infringed on this agreement. If we deem your comment or content offensive or inappropriate and remove it from the site, you consent to the removal. In such a case, you also consent to waive any claims against Remodeling KS. 

Any content you post on the open communication channels that do not breach this agreement becomes the property of Remodeling KS. This means that we have an exclusive license to modify, display, and distribute the content without limitations. Note that this only applies to content such as user comments on open communication tools. Our privacy policy covers other personal information users input on the site. 


You agree to hold Remodeling KS harmless for any losses or damage you incur due to a breach of this user agreement incurred by you or any person accessing your account. These claims entitle us to indemnification according to this agreement. Thus, Remodeling KS reserves the right to take over the exclusive defense in such a case with the expectation that you will provide the necessary corporation we require. 

Limitation of Warranties 

By using our website, you understand that Remodeling KS does not warrant that the information in its content is factually accurate or meant to be taken as specific advice or official information from Remodeling KS. You recognize that the content of our website is to be read at your own risk and discretion, and Remodeling KS cannot guarantee that the information on its website will meet your needs. 

Also, we do not guarantee that any defective part of our site’s resources will be repaired. We also do not warrant that your use of the resources on our site will be safe, timely, or error-free. 


QRemodeling KS disclaims every kind of warranty, including but not restricted to statutory warranties and express warranties. We also disclaim implied warranties about the merchantability of any product, or its fitness for any particular purpose. No information users obtain from the Remodeling KS website constitutes professional advice and thus creates no degree of warranty or guarantee.

Limitation of Liability 

Remodeling KS will not be accountable for any direct or indirect loss or damage or some other consequence resulting from the website, your use of it, or the content or information on the site. This includes incidental and consequential damages leading to lost profits, litigation, and other losses of this kind. We will not be liable for any losses due to downtime, data corruption or loss of access to the site. The user reserves the right to cease using the website if the use of the site causes dissatisfaction. 

There are some consumer laws which do not exclude implied warranties or certain damages. If these laws apply to your condition, the statements in this limitation that contradict those laws may not apply to you. 

Termination of Access 

You agree that we reserve the right to terminate your access to the website at any time without any notice. We can carry out this termination of access for any reason, including but not restricted to an infringement of the user agreement. Other causes that might necessitate this action include suspected illegal activity on the site. After termination of access on these grounds, we might refer to the appropriate law enforcement agencies. Upon termination, we will immediately block your access to all resources we provide on the site. Furthermore, we reserve the right to remove any content or information about you from the site.

Contact Us 

 If you have any further inquiries about our terms of service, please get in touch with Remodeling KS:

1614 N Sheridan St, Wichita, KS 67203, USA