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Modern Bathroom Interior stock photo – 3d render

While looking to remodel your bathroom, there are a lot of details that you need to think of. Perhaps you need to select a theme and a color palette, or maybe you need the place to look stylish. Nonetheless, the small bathroom remodeling ideas or bathroom pictures can be quite overwhelming to choose from. After all, there are so many remodeling ideas on the internet. Your renovation ideas may include fancy vanities, sleek shower cabins, and relaxing jacuzzis. However, when it comes to remodeling, the most important thing is for the space to be of practical use. Scroll down below to explore some practical ideas for bathroom remodeling that can totally transform the look of even very small bathroom spaces.

  1. Use Tiles to Introduce Different Textures

A fabulous way to add style to your bathroom is to use brick walls. Brick walls give a trendy and aesthetic look to your bathroom space. Depending on the rest of your bathroom design choices, a brick wall can look modern or rustic. You can put up brick wall tile behind the shower or the bathroom vanity. 

Another way to use tiles is to line up wooden tiles on the floor of the bathroom. However, if your bathroom already happens to have a wooden floor, then you can cover it up with better hard flooring such as sheet vinyl or tiles. Although, if you are tight on a budget and want to keep your wooden floor, then you can just coat it with protective enamel. 

  1. Modern White Bathroom 

You can never go wrong with a sleek modern all-white bathroom. It may seem basic, but if you choose the right materials, such as a stylish double vanity, marble countertop, and a fabulous tub or shower fixture – then you can elevate the look of your bathroom. After all, white is the top choice when it comes to home bathroom remodeling ideas, and a white bathroom is a classic choice that always stays in style. Moreover, white remodeling small bathroom design ideas will make your small space look larger than it is. 

  1. Pre-Fabricated Shower 

If you have a little wiggle room in your budget, you can install a pre-fabricated shower along with a shower curtain. It is a slightly more expensive option that can totally transform the style of your bathroom. You can also hire a professional plumber to install a customized floor tile shower of top-notch quality. Tile showers built on-site and jacuzzis may look luxurious, but a prefabricated shower is a unique, clean feature you won’t regret. Although, we recommend that you hire a pro for the installation of both of these options because it requires technical work that is best left to the pros. 

  1. Double Showers 

If it is a priority for you to save time in the mornings, a double shower can do the trick for you. It comes with two showerheads so that both you and your partner can enjoy a morning shower without running late. A walk in shower can make your bathroom look spacious and aesthetic. Talk about comfort and style!

  1. Stone Instead of Wood 

Wood may be a natural and timeless choice for the bathroom, but it doesn’t work well with water. Another fabulous and more practical option is stone tiles. Furthermore, you have a wide range of colors to choose from in stone tiles. Stone and ceramic tiles make your bathroom remodel highly customizable. The stone tiles can be installed on both walls and floors and will give your bathroom a fresh look. 

  1. Install Large Windows

It is a fact that large windows make any space look spacious and breezy. It is an amazing way to let the natural light in and bask in the sunlight. Moreover, large windows will help improve the ventilation in your bathroom. However, be careful about privacy issues. Angle the windows well and consider opting for frosted glass windows, glass doors, or glass brick walls. Also, hire professionals to install the windows because if you do it yourself, you may end up making a rookie mistake and ruining your bathroom walls. This will cost you way more in repairs than it costs to hire a true professional the first time!

  1. Paint the Interior 

Interior painting is a task that does not require much experience. It is a relatively easy task that many homeowners prefer to DIY, saving money. In bathrooms, you only need to paint small portions of the wall as most of the wall space is covered by mirrors, cabinets, matching sinks and showers. We recommend you opt for warm colors that go with the theme of your bathroom. Remodelingks recommends that the bathroom is a good space the experiment with fun, bright colors. The right choice of color can really perk up your small bathrooms remodel. Moreover, it doesn’t take very long to paint a bathroom; it often takes longer for the paint to dry than to actually paint the bathroom! Remember not to rush the process, as it can leave your bathroom looking unfinished.

  1. Install Wainscot or Tiles

One of the top bathroom remodeling ideas that will elevate your bathroom’s look is to install wainscot or tiles on the lower half of the walls. This is because the bathroom is the place where there is little ventilation and a lot of moisture. Hence, the paint on the walls, especially on the lower half, can start tearing off more quickly than in other rooms. Installing tiles on the lower half of the wall will prevent this damage from happening. Additionally, wainscot and tiles can cover up all the dingy holes and scratches on the lower wall. The half-and-half look on walls also gives bathrooms a fresh and decorative feel. 

  1. Mix Dark and Light Colors 

A modern yet minimalist bathroom does not have to look light and airy, and you can also mix it up using dark or bright colors. A quick Pinterest search shows a wide array of modern, stylish bathrooms in just about any color you can imagine. A deep or bright color used well can make the bathroom look simply decadent. 

    10. Luscious Marble 

       Marble has been around in the market for a long time. However, with time, the available styles of marble have changed considerably. Now, most marble has a modern, smooth, and luscious look that looks great in bathrooms. If you are on a budget and a little craftsy, there are several tutorials online showing how to paint a faux-marble interior design. Painting marble with modern fixtures can upgrade the style of your washroom, and it is the perfect bathroom remodeling idea for you to try. 

Concluding On The Best Bathroom Remodeling Ideas To Inspire Your Next Bathroom Renovation

These are the top 10 small bathroom remodeling ideas of 2022. Whether you want a classic or modern design, these ideas can fit your specific needs to give the bathroom remodeling process some spice. Although making the perfect choices is always hard, we invite you to have fun during the process! We hope these tips will help you make the best choices for your space. Good luck!